Painting and Colour


We started this week by looking at images of the first  cave paintings that are over 32,000 years old. We talked about what the cave artists might have used to paint the caves – vegetable, plants, animal bones, rocks and branches and leaves instead of brushes. With no electricity the cave people would have looked at these images by the light of the fire. We looked at handprints in the caves and Claire told us that cave people believed the dream world was beyond the walls of the caves and they painted their handprints by spitting the paint from their mouth and covering their hands to connect with the dream world. We looked at Aboriginal paintings from Australia that just use dots to make the dots.

Then we started our own paintings mixing the three primary colours – red, blue and yellow to make orange, green and purple. We then put away our paint brushes and used plastic knives, forks and cotton buds to make different marks on our paintings – puting on the paint thick and thin, spreading it out and drawing back into it with our painting tools.

Here’s our our art gallery.

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